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Mr Khoo (Reverend Boon Ming) is a Consultant Geomancy and he operates the Boon Ming Geomancy Research Centre.  Reverend Boon Ming specializes in Geomancy Skill Fate and Palmistry, Naming of Newborn Child and Names Analysis, Auspicious Dates Analysis, Face Reading & Analysis, Feng Shui Analysis of Living Person, Residential, Factory Building, Offices as well as Burial Ground and Conducting Classes of Feng Shui.

Origin of Reverend Boon Ming’s Practice
Reverend Boon Ming practices the Han Wu Groups of Feng Shui which could be traced back to its origin during the Han Dynasty.  This science of Feng Shui was conceptualized by the first emperor of Han Dynasty, Emperor Han Chung and the practices had existed for more than 2000 years.Reverend Boon Ming is the 73rd Decendants of the Han Wu Groups of Feng Shui Master who mastered the science from the 72nd Grand Master, Lim Ah Lik.  The 72nd Grand Master, Lim Ah Lik is the disciple of the 71st Great Grand Master, Lau Kai Chi.  Both the 71st Great Grand Master and 72nd Grand Master are still active and practicing the science of Feng Shui in Hong Kong, SAR and in the State of Johor, Malaysia respectively.

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